Compliance audit solution

Implementation of compliance and quality control surveys at your fingertips



U-audit is designed to easily implement compliance and quality audits within any organization.
Its main objectives are :

  • simple to setup for any survey type and cycle
  • easy and friendly to use for any organization
  • online information sharing for better and faster daily management decisions

Basic set-up principles

Audits are created by "Organization" and "Entities".

One organization can have multiple entities.
For example a Manufacturer "M" can have 3 factories A,B,C as entities to be audited.
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Audit models are based on KPI defined by the organization.

ratings, scales settings

Almost any type of KPI or ratings can be defined based on requirements.
i.e. 'fail/pass', 'percent', 'score', etc...
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Organization and entities


Organizations are groups of entities to be audited. For example a retailer with multiple stores or a factory with multiple workshops

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Each organization have entities that will be audited

document storage

Entites can be edited anytime. Entity manager will validate completed audits.

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Create audit templates based on KPI

checkpoint, audit models

organizations can have multiple audit templates with different scoring (KPI) types.
Those templates will be applied to entities by auditor.

Audit can start!

Audit process

Auditor will start the specifc audit for the entity to be audited based on recorded templates per organization.

audit start
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Auditor update each control point


For each point a picture can be uploaded as checking reference. They will be included in report.

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Audit can be edited anytime by auditor


Until final validation, audit is editable. Validation is done by the organization designated manager

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Organizations members can view current audits


Started, partial or completed audits list is available. They can be edited and reviewed.

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Each audit actions will trigger an email notification; Users can control notification scheme that are sent:

  • When an audit is started by an auditor
  • When an audit is edited
  • When an audit is validated and report sent

Audit Results

Audit results

Audit reports will be automatically generated once they are validated by the designated entity manager. Organizations / entities can have custom reports

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Audit review

Audit results can be accessed anytime online for review

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Audit history

Results are presented by audit cycles with chart and can be downloaded for further analysis

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Summary of audit process


Why U-audit ?

A tool targeted at organizations that need to implement quality or compliance audits on their processes. With, the auditor will perform audit faster and efficiently; the manager will make better decisions:

  • Crucial assistance that help build the communication bridge between business units
  • Mobile friendly, on-time update of audit process with online results
  • Flexible and applicable to any quality control process
  • Useful for consistant and periodical review of KPI implementation

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